gaye gambell-peterson,

2023 is starting well. A mid-January weekend found us attending 3 different openings (2 on Friday, 1 on Saturday). Quite the whirlwind for artist & her groupie / webmaster / chauffeur—and one collage, body print annotated: self acceptance, won an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at Art Saint Louis’s “Personal History”.  woot

2022 was another very good year. 9 works juried into exhibits at my favorite 3 venues: Art Saint Louis, Webster Arts, and St Louis Artists Guild. As well, 5 collage illustrations were accepted by Persimmon Tree (online poetry journal) for use in 2023.

2021 was another banner year with 15 works accepted in
13 shows.
The Foundry in St Charles has new owners and doesn’t do juried exhibitions anymore. I’m thankful for Art Saint Louis and Webster Arts (as well as online poetry/art venues like Persimmon Tree, and Riddled with Arrows) and the opportunities they provide.

 . . .a sterling year, despite Covid, with 14 collages
accepted into 12 shows.   (click to admire the artwork)

January—My paper collage, "now i lay me down to sleep", juried into Art St Louis exhibit: Heaven and Earth, as previously announced.

March—Two of my paper collages, "#metoo" and "i still need to work on my self-image", juried into Foundry Art Centre exhibit: Voting Daughters. Each with a poem. Mandated social distancing because of Covid 19 went into effect before the opening. The exhibit was done digitally, slide by slide, and roaming camera.

May—My paper collage, "ophelia took a breath and changed the story", was juried into Foundry Art Exhibit (all virtual) "Context III".  Again, artist statement is a poem.

June—“onslaught” juried into Art St Louis virtual exhibit: Life Interrupted.

August "fallout" juried into ArtSt Louis virtual exhibit: This Moment.  And "facing quarantine" juried into Foundry Art Centre exhibit: Globall Impact.  Interviewed on ArtStL Blog:

October-- "searching for a new normal" juried into Foundry Art Centre exhibit: Focal Point.

November—“i feel it gone but i know not how it went” juried into Art St Louis exhibit: Exhibition 36. And “looking...reaching...wanting” juried into Art St Louis exhibit: Human Touch.

Juried in 2020 for exhibits in 2021—“watched” in Art St Louis exhibit: Remnants. And “she wraps the stories ‘round her. ready.” in Foundry Art Centre exhibit: Self Reflections. And TWO (“above the everywhereing” and “ophelia...” in Art St Louis exhibit: Maturity and Its Muse (opening April 2021)

  January—My paper collage, "whichwayed thatwayed", juried into Art St Louis exhibit: Attention to Detail. Poem of same title exhibited alongside.

April—My poem, "gaia" interpreted in a dance choreographed by Kayliani Sood and fellow dancers at University of the Arts (Philadelphia).

    June—My paper collage, "the muses speak", juried into Foundry Art Centre exhibit: Putting It Together II, along with works by artists from 16 states, Canada, Belgium, and Lithuania. Poem of same title exhibited alongside.

August—Art St Louis accepted my collage "enquiring minds want to know", and accompanying poem into the August exhibit themed American Conversations.

Summer issue of an online poetry journal, Persimmon Tree, published my poem, "Cinderella, the Slow Learner" in its themed Short Takes: Life-changing Moments.

November 22 was a banner day when I received acceptances from BOTH the Foundry Art Centre and Art St Louis. The Foundry show Comfort and Joy will display "side by side 2.1" with accompanying poem from Dec 20-Jan 24.  The Art St Louis show Heaven and Earth will display  "now i lay me down to sleep" and accompanying poem from Jan 18-Feb 12, getting 2020 off to a nice start. 

In case you're counting (I am)—that's 5 artworks accepted into shows this year—at two venues that are not easy to get in—generally, over 200 works are reviewed with 50 accepted for each show.  And, I celebrated my 80th birthday this year. Woo

My poem "Intermission" is selected by Arts in Transit. Their annual program, Metrolines, selects short poems to be to be displayed as posters in the St. Louis Metro bus and Metrolink system.

I read with 8 other members of Loosely Identified at St, Louis Poetry Center's Poetry at the Point. A full house at the Focal Point in Maplewood MO!

~My collage titled "the authoress protects her muses" is chosen as the  online          cover for Riddled with Arrows. The Summer 2018 issue (2.2) had a theme of "The Invisible World".

~My poem titled "gray" is selected by Diane Lockward to appear as a sample poem in The Practicing Poet: Writing Beyond the Basics. 

~ My poem "careless is too small a word" is published online in the prestigious American Journal of Poetry, Volume 5.

My collage titled "Appetite #lilith" is in the University of Michigan's alumni exhibition FUTURE FORMER, mounted in Ann Arbor MI.


Poem about our Ireland trip in 2009.
Video editing by the web guy.









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Ann Thompson Art

October 29, 2009, on Catherine Rankovic's blog.
February 26, 2010 on Janet Riehl's literary website:
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Courage to Change", a collage, juried into Context II at The Foundry Art Centre from August 4 through September 15. ~"To My Unseeing Eye", a poem awarded Honorable Mention in annual contest by the St.  Louis Writers Guild.  Reading by winners on August 8th.

MAY:  "Girl", a poem awarded Third Place at the annual contest by the St. Louis Poetry CenterReading by winners at the May 21st Poetry Concert.  Special note: judged by current MO Poet Laureate, Aliki Barnstone...who attended the concert and asked me to sign her program book!

MARCH: My erasure poem, "Alternative Speechifying", published online at Following erasure rules, I eliminated much of the 1/20/17 Inauguration Speech in order to craft a poem that presented a different message.  The challenge is to not change the order  of the words as they appeared in the published speech/text.
FEBRUARY: "Storyteller", a collage, juried into Small Works V, sponsored by

Sept 30-Nov 11: a collage about the gun issue (Thou Shalt Not) juried into a national exhibition "SOAPBOX" at The Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles MO.

 Aug 23, Poetry at the Point's WINNER WINNER: invited to be among several poets who have won 1st Prize in St. Louis Poetry Center's annual contests.  Among the 16 readers, the first MO Poet Laureate, Walter Bargen.  The only one without a literature degree on any level, I read 3 winning poems.  (Thank you SLPC, St. Louis Writers Guild, and Chesterfield Arts for the awards.  Thank you, Loosely Identified, and Six on Saturday for your workshop expertise.)

Aug 12-Sept 23
: a paper and found objects collage (Upheaval
) juried into a national exhibition "PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER" at The Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO

Apr 16-May 26: an assemblage (when all is said and done) juried into "MATURITY AND ITS MUSE" at Art St. Louis, in mid-town St. Louis, MO.

News of 2015:  a few good acknowledgments for my art and poetry so I'll carry on with both.
April: one of a dozen poets from Loosely Identified reading for River Styx at Tavern of Fine Arts—to standing room only!

   August:  my assemblage accepted to ArtStL's Maturity and its Muse exhibit.  (Show doesn't open  until April 2016 so we artists over 70 have to mind our health!) Also, my poem, "From a Scorched Box", wins FIRST PRIZE (cash) in St. Louis Writers Guild contest.
October: one collage is exhibited at the Foundry's "Going Home" show, through December.


News of 2014:
Nov. Art St Louis: THE EXHIBITION XXX for which 500 works  of art by 120 artists were submitted. Only 43 artists were juried in - and my poet.head variation 75 made the cut. Woot.

August 12.  Accepted 2nd Place Award (cash) in  St. Louis Writers Guild Poetry Contest.  “Morning Wears Gray”.    
July 26 – Sept. 11.     Two collages juried into FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD art show at Art St. Louis midtown gallery.  Fun indoor/outdoor opening!   Pieces titled: "Appetite #lilith" and "Harvest". 

March 14 - April 25.  A new collage juried into HOW WE SEE HER art show at Foundry Art Center in St. Charles MO. Piece titled: "essence of HER #learnstheworld".

   Best news of 2012:
 First Prize (cash) St. Louis Poetry Center contest  (“Tornados Have No Name “)
     My poems: "Life Stuff" with companion art in online journal QARRTSILUNI (Fragments issue); AUDIO also; and "Woodmere" published by Architrave Press

News of 2013:                                   
Four poems published in the Cancer Support Community's In Our Own Words.  
A poem, "Tangles", wins First Prize (cash) in the Poetry Contest sponsored by Chesterfield Arts. 
A collage, "Covenants..." accepted in national juried show, Paper In, Paper Out" at Foundry Art Centre; Feb 8 - Mar 2